About Us

Founded in 2006, Synergies has 4 facilities and an installed capacity of 800 seats, providing services in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Through the years, we have grown to 700 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and expect to continue our organic growth in the years to follow.

To develop our strategic competency, Synergies has implemented both Information Security Management and Quality Management Systems that are in compliance with the international standards ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

We are a team of passionate and resourceful professionals who understand the value of communication and are dedicated to finding the best solutions for the companies we work with. Synergies treats your business as our own, thus reaching the highest levels of satisfaction – contact us today and let’s create synergies!


“To be recognized by our stakeholders as the best
outsourced business solutions provider in the Caribbean
and Latin America.”


“We are a passionate and innovative service provider, respected for our integrity and the difference we make in our people, their families and the communities around us.”


  • Passionate in Customer Solutions
  • Deliver Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Recruit and develop the best talent
  • Fun and innovative culture
  • Pursuit growth and learning
  • Determined to building a positive team and family spirit
  • Make a difference in the communities around us
  • Cost conscious


  • Optimize costs
  • Increase Operational performance
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Obtain flexibility in staffing


Synergies’ Management Team has been responsible for the rapid growth achieved in the company through its years in the Dominican Republic’s  market.

Eugenio Baittiner

Eugenio Baittiner, brings over 35 years of business experience to the Synergies Executive Team. Drawing from his participation in the media, insurance, cement, appliance stores, and real estate industries; Mr. Baittiner quickly adapts to each client’s business model and develop strategies to deliver superior customer service.

Yelena Lora de Queliz

Yelena Lora is the Senior Director of Accounting of Synergies. Ms. Lora brings more than 25 years of experience in the area of accounting, specializing in taxation. Ms. Lora is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Dominican Republic.

Carlos Manuel Alvarez

Carlos M. Alvarez is a seasoned entrepreneur and a pioneer in the Dominican Textile Industry, he adds to the team over 35 years of management experience. Today, Mr. Alvarez is part of the Board of Directors at Synergies. His unique management style, knowledge of international markets and strong leadership, provides Synergies extraordinary value to its business strategy.

Edwin Jimenez

Edwin Jimenez is Senior Director of Operations and Business Development at Synergies with 20+ years experience in Call Center Management in the contact center industry. Being performance and quality driven, Mr. Jimenez has obtained customer satisfaction through strategic planning and execution which has led Synergies to thrive in this fast-paced setting.

Federico Alvarez

Federico Alvarez is the Synergies' Corporate Director. He's been with the company since its start and has grown to be a top level manager for the Finance department. He developed various companies in the food and financial industry, which have become successful under his direction. Federico Alvarez brings a modern leadership-style to the Synergies’ Management Team.

Soraya Checo

Soraya Checo de Alvarez is the Finance VP of Synergies and brings over 30 years of experience to the Executive Team and Board of Directors. Mrs. Checo de Alvarez is currently the President of Synergies Cares Foundation; the engine behind Ciudad Santa Maria, a Catholic Educational and Community Center for the less fortunate communities in the area.

Patricia Ortiz Suárez

Patricia Ortiz Suárez is the Senior IT Director at Synergies with a background as a telecommunications engineer. She's performed many IT related duties in the Call Center Industry being her expertise implementation of technological solutions for Inbound, Outbound, BPO and Back Office strategies.

David L. Crow

David Crow has over 35 years experience implementing Information Technology and Managerial Systems. He's currently the Senior IT Advisor to Synergies. Mr. Crow is active in developing Synergies into a World Class Provider of Contact Center solutions and represents the company as founding member of the Contact Center and BPO Council of the Dominican Republic.

John Fuchu

John Fuchu, IT Manager at Synergies, has vast experience as an information technology specialist and in the contact center industry in areas such as network configuration, security policy and software, as well as hardware maintenance and administration.

Andree Forment

Andree Forment is Operations Manager for the La Romana site since February 2014. She brings to the Executive Team 30 years of management experience, specializing in Sales and Marketing in the Hospitality Sector. Through her dedication, La Romana has achieved significant growth and continues to seek new business.


At Synergies, Innovation is an integral part of what we do. Our Management Team is continuously implementing new ways to create unparalleled business value for our customers and maintain strategic differentiation from our competitors.  Since our start, we have been a customer-centric organization. We orient our entire operations model around our customers. They trust Synergies’ capabilities and have allowed us to become true business partners.

We deliver extraordinary services to our clients, going over and beyond expectations, through a family-oriented leadership style that is proactive, professional, innovative and service oriented. We strive to deliver our overall brand promise to be “the best in everything we do”!

At Synergies, we have special innovation efforts focused on how we treat and engage our people. Satisfied employees go the extra mile to serve customers. As our employees feel appreciated and valued, they are more pleasant and show a greater willingness to assist each customer, boosting performance and customer satisfaction.



Our Operational Organization is key to maintaining focus on performance and change. Our Account Executives are in constant communication with our customer contacts. Our Supervisors and Team Leads interface with our work force to measure performance, coach and implement change, procedural changes, requirement changes or expectation changes.

Our Quality Management System keeps us performance and customer satisfaction focused which allows us to adapt to changing customer requirements and expectations. Our Work Force Management (WFM) and Quality Assurance (QA) Departments keep our organization focused on efficiency, effectiveness, results oriented and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Our Training Department ensures initial orientation and training as well as continual training/retraining both on functional aspects of the work and organizational development courses. Our Recruiting Department seeks and hires the appropriate resources for each customer need.

We have a complete and very competent IT Department that crafts technological solutions to changing customer needs. We are constantly studying new products and services that could be applied to our current or future needs maintaining the balance of cost and benefit. We maintain a laboratory approach to learn and test new technology and products. Our in-house software development team allows us to prepare custom solutions to the application needs of our customers. We are proactive and agile!

Our Operations


Synergies understands that each customer has different technological needs and limitations. Our technological infrastructure allows us to adapt to those realities.  Depending on what makes sense, we will build upon your existing infrastructure, offer a completely in-house solution or create a hybrid solution combining both platforms.

Some of the stock services that we provide are:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to the best agent or first available agent.
  • WFO call and screen recordings.
  • Call Management Services for queue management and statistics.
  • Predictive or preview outbound dialing with linkage to external DMBS or CSA’s.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.
  • Telecommunication: Internet, International Private Lines (IPL), Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS).
  • VOIP (SIP or H.323) or legacy ISDN connectivity.
  • Managed Cisco LAN network equipment including redundant core switches.
  • Virtualized Microsoft 2012 High Availability (HA) Servers.
  • Comprehensive Threat measures including Interrupt prevention/Detection boundary firewalls, anti-virus and regular threat tests.

Our main servers, switches, telephony systems, Internet, phone lines and electrical services are redundant. Our RPO, in case of unavoidable failure, is minimized due to virtualization of key resources and exercised Business Continuity Procedures and Plans. This redundancy anticipates and mitigates functional failure to prevent end-customer service outage.

Technology Infrastructure

Certifications and Compliance

Synergies is committed to protecting consumer credit card data in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We conduct regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests in accordance with the PCI DSS requirements for our business and attest to our compliance.

pci hipaa compliant-02

Synergies  is one  of the first Contact Centers and BPO Companies in Latin America to obtain certifications for our Information Security Management  System (ISMS)  and Quality  Management System (QMS).   DNV-GL is the certification entity of our choice and we are certified under ISO 27001:2013 and 9001:2015 standards.


Synergies has enhanced our  Informational Security Management System (ISMS) towards HIPAA Compliance. We are fully prepared to securely handle our client’s Health Information from an IT Platform and Communications perspective with the HIPAA required best practices, policies and procedures.

pci hipaa compliant-01




    The management team and staff at Synergies has been enormously helpful in assisting our company with several facets of our daily operations. We are continuously impressed with their ability to manage complex projects and processes. Synergies unceasingly strives to improve their level of service. Our company is a better organization as a result of the efforts provided by Synergies. I sincerely recommend their services to anyone who demands the “best in class”.



    Synergies continues to be a very strong partner and manages our business as if it’s their own. Very happy to be engaged with them for 5 years!



    I want to take the time to thank you all for all of the hard work you have put in over the past 4 years.Our teams here in California and Texas value the relationships they have built with the team members and we consider you as part of our team. I appreciate our Synergies’ management teams’ willingness to be flexible with new products and I appreciate all the support you provide on a daily basis.