Customer Care Services

Customer care is an integral part of your business. At Synergies, we partner with our clients to become an extension of their business, providing exceptional customer experience that best reflects your brand. As a nearshore customer service solution based in Santiago, Dominican Republic, we’re able provide accent-neutral and multilingual services able to handle the most basic back-end customer service functions to sophisticated business processes.

Our Customer Care services include:

    • Membership Services
    • Order Taking
    • Complaint Management
    • Service Request
    • After Hours Customer Care
    • Appointment Setting
    • Patient Follow-up
    • Information Hotline
    • Answering/Message Service
    • Insurance Claims & Claims Resolution

What are some of the advantages of our Customer Care Services?

Experts: At delivering detailed oriented procedures and implementing quality programs that allows us to consistently exceed our customers’ goals.

Transparency: We provide our customers visibility in the decisions we make in our daily interactions with their end users by providing clean analytical data that builds trust across all channels.

Synergies Fact: Through our Synergies Learning Center we provide our staff the tools needed to continuously grow within their roles enhancing their Agent Experience and in turn providing quality customer experience to successfully interact with our client’s end users.