At Synergies, we aim to partner with our clients to ensure they’re able to focus their expertise and resources on growing their business. Our experienced subject matter professionals can help you with a variety of services that meet your requirements and lets you focus more on your core competencies.

    • Financial Auditing
    • Compliance Auditing
    • Telemedicine Staffing (patient monitoring, 2nd opinion diagnostics, ect
    • Loss Mitigation
    • Market Research
    • Medical Accreditation Services

What are some of the advantages of our Professional Solutions?

Reduced Cost: Outsourcing professional services to Synergies will allow a cost savings of up to 25% in comparison to other Nearshore locations.

Growth in Numbers:  WE have a great environment dedicated to excellence that promotes growth in numbers; by having two locations in the Dominican Republic we can easily hire the needed staff whenever, wherever!

Synergies Fact: Our company goes above and beyond to ensure and guarantee the know-how of our resources, such as building a lab, allowing our professionals hands-on learning to support them in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding in their specific role.